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The Bible-Teaching Sunday Schools

There is a class for every member of your family. The purpose of the Sunday School is not to merely teach a Bible lesson. It is to teach, train, and equip so that we might, in turn, teach others the eternal truths we have been taught.

For more information about the Sunday School, please contact Lisa Snow in the Sunday School office at 865.938.8182.

Little Lambs Division

Directors: Laurie Cox and Kelsey Jones

Our preschool Sunday school classes strive to establish a loving foundation for newborns through kindergarteners to begin learning about our Lord Jesus Christ. Loving, dedicated, and trained nursery workers and Sunday School teachers are eager to nurture and instruct your precious little ones in a beautiful facility. A pager system provides parents with peace of mind, knowing they will be alerted if their child needs attention. Nursery care is provided for all children from birth through age four for all church services.

Nursery Department Classroom Teachers
New Borns 0-4 months PS 103 Rachel Woodward
Bed Babies 4-8 months PS 100 Cyndi Baggett
Cruisers 9-12 months PS 105 Andrew & Joanna Bailey
Toddlers 13-18 months PS 102 Kara Rodgers
One's 19-24 months PS 107 Andy & Keni Lynn Umstead
Younger Two's 24-30 months PS 104 Dan & Charlotte Rhyne
Older Two's 31-36 months PS 106 Norah Wiker
Preschool Department    
Younger Three's ED 204 Kaleb & Natalie Bodwell
Older Three's ED 203 Matt & Alissa Hackney
Younger Four's ED 205 Nathan & Melissa White
Older Four's ED 202 Derek & Anna White
Fives's ED 208 Scott & Angie Mason/td>
Little Lambs PS 109 Amanda Pettit
2nd Hour Preschool Department    
K4 ED 207 Kristin Bradshaw
K5 ED 208 Jared & Katie Davidson

Brave Boys & Girls Division

Director: Max & Mattison Llama

Our children’s Sunday school provides an atmosphere in which every child feels loved and valued. With our teachings geared toward the child’s age and comprehension level, we lay the foundation for having a relationship with Christ. Caring teachers help the child grow in knowledge and understanding of that relationship through Bible training and simple practice of Christian principles. Our children’s ministry serves parents and their boys and girls in grades one through six.

1st Hour Department Classroom Teachers
1st grade AU 201 Steve Kozick
2nd grade AU 203 David Arsenault
3rd grade AU 205 Mark Lakin
4th grade AU 207 Steve Kirby
5th grade AU 102 Larry Nicely
2nd Hour Department    
1st Girls AU 207 Sherri Miljenivic
1st Boys AU 205 Chris Howell
2nd Girls AU 203 Sherri Miljenivic
2nd Boys AU 201 Chris Howell
Foundations for Life Department    
3rd-6th Girls AU 102 Brittany Keith
3rd-6th Boys AU 100 Todd Keith

Special Education Classes

Children and adults with special education needs are given biblical instruction by committed and trained workers familiar with those having special needs. Many of these friends, young and old, have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Class Classroom Teachers
Little Lambs PS 109 Amanda Pettitt
Shepherd’s Class HC 105 Eric & Sandy Yingling

Teens for Christ Division

Director: Steven & Lydia Scoggins

The Youth Sunday School classes aim to provide an exciting, encouraging learning atmosphere in which young people in the seventh through twelfth grades learn the truth of the Bible. A youth-wide rally emphasizes the practical application of the Bible. A dedicated and trained married couple works with each age group, encouraging them to become true followers of Christ, finding their place in God’s will.

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Jr. High Classroom Teachers
7th grade boys DP 206 Ray Gonsalves
7th grade girls DP 206 Katie Mitchell
8th grade boys DP 206 Justin Meyer
8th grade girls DP 206 Brenda Yates
Sr. High    
9th grade boys Gym Shawn Kell
9th grade girls Gym Melanie Kell
10th grade boys Gym Steven Scoggins
10th grade girls Gym Lydia Scoggins
11th & 12th grade boys Gym Jaden Cook
11th & 12th grade girls Gym Melanie Cook

Single Adult Class

Director: Adam and Casie Ravert

The Single Adult Sunday School class provide a place for young adults to fellowship with other like-minded people.

Class Classroom Teacher
College Singles Music conservation Adam & Casie Ravert
Career Age Singles Friendship Hall Trevor and Heidi Stafford

International Ministry

Director: Tim and Laura Carte

The greater Knoxville area, including the surrounding counties, is the temporary home of thousands of students, professionals, and workers. God has literally brought the world to our doorstep. The International Class reaches these visitors with the message of the gospel and a compassionate welcome. Those attending our international Sunday School will find a group of friends with similar interests and a common desire to walk with Christ. Many former international students have now returned to their home country, carrying the message of the gospel to family and friends.

Class Classroom Teachers
International CC 110 Bill & Richard Jacob
Africa CC 110 Tim and Laura Carte Anneliese McCammon, Ceasar Herrera
Asia/Pacific CC 110 James & Judy Kiernan, Mark & Lynette Scansen, and Pollie Deeringer
Burmese CC 110 Pollie Deeringer / Valentine Anantheraj
Chinese CC 110 Bob Patton
Korean CC 110 Joseph Jo
Latin America / Caribbean CC 110 Daniel and Kara Saint
Spanish CC 110 Tim Carte / Carlos Ibarra
Deaf Class CC 110 Daryl Johnson


Our Couples’ classes teach God’s Word, the blueprint for successful marriages and healthy homes. In Bible study classes you will discover the relevance of God’s Word to marriage, family, work, and life. This married adult ministry is designed to help strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ while also strengthening the bonds of marriage. You and your spouse will share experiences, learning, and fellowship that will help you grow spiritually and discover God's will for your family.

Class Classroom Teachers
20's Couples HC Chapel Tim & Angie Tomlinson
30’s Couples HC Chapel Scott & Wendy Sullivan
40’s Couples CC 134 Bob Gregory
50’s Couples HC 107 Ken & Lea Turner
60’s Couples HC 105 Gary & Patricia Crotty

Bible Classes

The Friendship Class is intended to meet the unique needs of our senior saints. The Knoxville Ladies’ and Men’s Classes are designed to reach and teach the men and women of our community. The Hearing-impaired Class provides an opportunity for our deaf friends and loved ones to be under the systematic teaching of God’s Word.

Class Classroom Teachers
Friendship Class Auditorium David Rosser
Knoxville Ladies' Class HC 101 Evelyn Sexton
Knoxville Men's Class HC 102 Pastor Sexton
Crown Students CC 120 Mark McElreath and Mike Cole